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I Saw Sunday Week 47

For I Saw Sunday Week 47: Week In Review

This week I chose to get quiet and listen. I do that by reading escape hatch novels. Went to the library and picked some up. Guess I thought it would be a long hard job getting quiet.

Because the sound of running water is also soothing, I did find time and energy to seek it out.

Found a bit of escape in the antics of this little guy and all of his friends.

As well as in the plethora of growth that surrounded me.

Have made it through three of the books in that bag. Next week promises to be quiet as well. Thanks for stopping by, hope you join us and share your week with us as well.


  1. earlybird

    What a great bag of books! Here’s to another quiet week, Elizabeth.

    • It’s a good thing I can keep them for three weeks, and even extend that for another. I have always been a reader, but have definitely slowed down some in the past few years. I am looking forward to the quiet. Thank you,


  2. Your bag of books remind me of the trips I used to make to the library! I used to come back laden with books, I loved it. 🙂

    I loved to see your pictures of the running water!. The water in my post this week was as still and unmoving as a mirror.

    Thanks for sharing with I Saw Sunday Elizabeth, it is always good to have you on board.

    Have a good week, enjoy your quiet time . x

    • I intend to Susannah. I loved your photos of still water reflection, but really envy that butterfly. I’ll be writing, just not as much as usual. It’s amazing how healing a good book can be,


  3. What a treat, all those books. I spend too much time blogging etc and read much less than I used to.

    • Think that’s part of what happened. I haven’t been reading as much and when I got to the library, I just dove in, lol. Really enjoyed your photos of fresh home baked bread, another store of rich memories you provided. Thanks Viv.


  4. I’m with Viv. In the ‘old days,’ I used to read a book a day. That is history now. Now I have been reading THE HELP for months! It sometimes is nice just to be ‘quiet,’ but I missed your voice, so I came here to pay you a visit to see what you had been up to.

    • Mary, at first I thought it was depression after all the bad news. Then realized I just needed to step back a bit and breathe. Reading seems to do that for me, and long drives out of the city and into places with trees, tall grass, water and wild life. It all helped a great deal and I’m glad I followed my own inner voices.Thanks for your concern and for sharing that wonderful poem,


  5. From books to bulrushes, eh? ♥

    • They do seem to go together somehow. Thanks Jinksy,


  6. I think perhaps you were a little “greedy!” But who could resist. Happy reading…

    • Lol, Annell, you might be correct. I was thinking I’d let the indicator get too far past the empty level. Words are a deep driving need and books are one hell of a reservoir to tap into. And I couldn’t and didn’t resist. I rather like that about me. Thanks for sharing that wonderful array of photos and keep on sweeping lady, you are creating a clear path, easy to follow by like souls and minds.


  7. Thank you for reminding me I have books to return to the library tomorrow, Elizabeth 🙂

    I seem to take more back unread than I have time to read nowadays.

    • Confession? That’s why I avoided the library for years. Didn’t want to have an arbitrary limit on my time spent getting through them. But, my budget can’t afford the expense anymore so it’s book to the library shelves and all those words. Thanks for visiting Paul and I liked the poem you shared,


  8. A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,
    A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread-and Thou
    Beside me singing in the Wilderness-
    O, Wilderness were Paradise enow!

    (sayeth Edward Fitzgerald)

    • Thanks for the verse Harry, but if you look closely there are no poetry books in that bag. When I step back it’s into another genre completely and I obviously seek words of action and movement. I think there is a pattern there, I may not understand, but it does work. And thank you for introducing me to Hummersea. Still liking that place name.


  9. Let us know how you like those books. I’m always looking for good authors, though my reading list gets longer and longer.

    • Everyone of them is suspence or mystery. I simply like figuring out the connections and puzzles in the words. They are some of my present favorites: Robert Crais, Lee Child, Harlen Colben, and a new to me author Alifair Burke. I am really enjoying all of them. Thanks for the visit,


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