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I Saw Sunday Week 48

For I Saw Sunday Week 48: Week In Review

Another quiet week, mostly spent reading. Down to the last three books in the bag. But did take time out to get some photos. Sometimes the sky tells a story. These were all taken within a period of about thirty minutes.

We walked back to the car, got in and had about nine or ten fat drops splatter the windshield. Then drove away into bright afternoon sunlight and more high white clouds. I did not change lenses or mess with these photos in any way. They were too spectacular to tamper with.

Hope you come, join us and show/tell us about your week.


  1. Fabulous. I love looking at clouds, though prefer them in photographs than in real life, when they’re full of rain ready to fall.

    • Viv, that’s what surprised me most of all. Those few scattered raindrops and then full summer sun. Thanks for visiting,


  2. I never tire of looking at the sky and seeing its myriad moods! You captured some wonderful ones here this week Elizabeth.

    I must admit I love the towering white clouds against the bright blue sky, I always stand in awe of skies like that.

    Thanks for sharing these with I Saw Sunday!

    My post this week documents a day that started with sunshine and then the sky went dark too, (on the way home we had sun again.)

    • Loved your tourist’s tour Susannah, wonderful idea. I have to admit, I was far more intrigued with what was happening in the sky, than on the ground around me.


  3. Glorious skies – I love the dramatic blues in your later photos.

    • Was wondering as I took the photos if that dramatic change would actually show up. Glad that it did and also that you enjoyed them.


  4. Beautiful and ever changing clouds.

    • Thanks and welcome Gobetween. I could have gotten whiplash because it was different in every direction one looked. Sort of magical really,


  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I love photos of the sky. I really love that purple one!

    • Paul, I obviously got wound up in these. The sky was changing so swiftly all around me and I didn’t want to miss any of it. And I love the purple one as well.


  6. Wonderful cloud photos. What a beautiful world we live in!

    • Yes it is and aren’t we lucky it is so. And I didn’t have to go into any dangerous places to get them. Just sat on the ground and kept clicking.


  7. Took me a while to get here, but I made it! Did you notice the fluffy white dog in your second picture? he looks a bit puzzled to be ther! LOL ♥

    • Didn’t till you pointed him out, and then couldn’t figure out how I’d missed him. Thanks Jinksy,


  8. earlybird

    Me too. I agree with Paul. That purple one is fantastic. Lovely skies.

    • Earlybird, thought these were better than a report on all those books I’ve been reading.


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