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I Saw Sunday Week 49

For I Saw Sunday: Week 49

My daughter and I visited a place called Fonferick Glen, simply out of curiosity. It is a very small county park, located about twenty minutes from my home. Last week, I showed you images of the cloud action while we were there. This week I’ll show you a bit of what was under those clouds.

The park is located in a farmer’s field and the small parking lot is directly across from the farm house and working barn. Signs guide the visitor to a path which begins alongside these Hollyhocks. I haven’t seen these flowers for years. They were favorites of my mother’s. Although the path curves across uneven farm field, it is obviously mown for easy access, but the grasses and other field growth remain beside it.

The fence, in the picture above, runs along a very steep and rocky drop-off. There are no benches or tables, so yours truly sat on the ground, while her more adventuresome daughter traveled down a not so well tended path to a barely wet river bed that lies between rock walls below the fence.

This is the rock structure that forms the upper level of a thirty foot falls that slowly trickles down to the stony river bed.

The same fence from down below and the rock wall that guards the river.

On her way back up, my daughter caught a flash of yellow and thought she might be able to capture one of the very camera shy butterflies that inhabit this area. Instead, she captured this beautiful little feathered friend.

Hope you come and join us, and share your week in words/photos.


  1. A lovely photo-journey. I so savor these wonderful days of summer with beautiful natures, such as you described, all around!

    • Thanks Mary. The camera keeps pulling me out there and filling me with a deep satisfaction in just being there.


  2. What a wonderful place to visit, the photo’s are super … It makes me want to go for a walk right now! :o)

    • Deborah, I can’t walk too far but keep trying for a bit more. I love the area I find myself in,


  3. earlybird

    What a lovely spot, Elizabeth. What is that glorious yellow bird?

    • It’s a yellow finch, Earlybird. This area seems to be filled with them all summer long.


  4. The bird resembles a yellow wagtail although the beak is more like that of a finch.

    I enjoyed your walk very much. Hollyhocks are a favourite garden flower of mine.

    • Viv, it is a finch. There are both yellow and purple (really red) ones that inhabit the surrounding area during the summer. As well as their larger cousins, the cardinals.


  5. It’s places like these that make me miss my English home. Thank you for posting and sharing the lovely photos, Elizabeth.

    • And thank you Paul for that lovely little piece about that particular yearning. I am glad I moved back here. It’s a bit like traveling through a strange familiarity.


  6. It looks like a wonderful place to visit. I enjoyed all of your photos particularly the first one and that lovely little yellow bird. Thanks for letting us come along on your walk!

    As always, it is good to see you at I Saw Sunday. x

    • My daughter walked far more than I could and several of the photos are ones that she took. As you might remember, I got caught up with all the cloud action. And the bird is a yellow finch, very common to our summers here.


  7. I love this little park! Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m really enjoying investigating and revisiting the whole area. I am aware of how much I really missed as a child growing up here. Thanks Annell,


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