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I Saw Sunday Week 50

For I Saw Sunday: Week In Review

Waves and white caps
at the mouth of the river.
Mama took ducklings out
to show them what life
might really be about.

Spent some time
making lines on paper.
Did some doodling.

And caught some clouds
at sunset.

Hope you join us and show/tell us what you have seen this week.


  1. Those little ducks seem to be in for a bit of a bumpy ride! LOL

    • They ended up going off in all directions because of the waves and the roughness. But, Mom gathered them again.


  2. Beautiful – where did that magenta come from?

    • Some magic of chemistry?


  3. That sky is beautiful, Elizabeth.

    • I had to scramble to get my camera out and the pic taken before it all disappeared. I’m glad that I did,


  4. Awwww I love this! I just love ducks!

    • I am a sucker for all things wild and their persistance at living life.


  5. Haven’t you had a lovely day…

    • Actually Viv, it was a whole week, with a lot of words and reading in between.


  6. Oooh I feel for those ducklings on that choppy water!

    Your doodle reminds me of ones I make, I often draw petals. 🙂

    That final sunset is really atmospheric, Strangely, the two power lines seem to really add to the composition.

    Thanks as always for linking to I Saw Sunday, it is always good to have you on board. x

    • And thank you for faithfully visiting. The doodling is an old activity but with a new avenue of exploration. Love it when that happens,


  7. I feel for the ducks on that rough water. I like your doodle – mine always look like nothing!

    • I got smart, this time. Got a very small sketch book, 3.5×5. Its amazing how little the errors and mistakes don’t show, lol. Sometimes less is really better.


  8. earlybird

    Lovely sky, Elizabeth.

    • Thanks Earlybird, I almost missed it.


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