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I Saw Sunday Week 52

For I Saw Sunday Week 52: Week In Review

Went to my younger sister’s home yesterday for breakfast with my older sister and her husband, who had come in for the game the night before, and would be leaving before noon.

Good food with fresh fruit and a fresh loaf of cinnamon walnut bread.

After eating and clearing the table, I went outside to take some pictures. This bouquet was given to my sister by her son. Unusual flowers with a strong sweet scent.

A closer look:

 Finally remembered to take some pics of a wonderful little hand painted birdhouse at the back of her yard. It is no more than 4×6.

Afterward, the three of us went down in her basement to finally sort through my Mother’s art supplies and painting equipment. We found pictures she had painted that we had never seen before. Frames, paint brushes, pastels, oil paints, mat board ready to be used, and stretched canvases. My sisters had found one of my paintings from over twenty-five years ago. I don’t remember it at all and didn’t take it away with me (it was pretty awful, lol). But, I did find two oval stretched canvases waiting for something.

I’m thinking maybe a little birdhouse in bright blues and greens, or a pen and ink doodle like this,

or this.

 Hope you come and join us and take a look at what others have been up to this week.





  1. Very nice pictures shared here (the food appetizing and the flowers lovely), but darn…I would like to have seen the people as well!

    • Secret? I seldom take pictures of people. Too many other interesting shapes and designs to explore, lol.


  2. A perfect day! Enjoyed your post!

    • Thanks Annell, I enjoyed yours as well.


  3. What a breakfast! All the photos were good, and I loved your doodles, though you don’t need expensive stretched and primed canvas for pen and ink drawings!

    • Viv, the canvases were there, and I thought I would use them for xmas gifts for my sisters. They would know where and why I used them.


      • a lovely idea.

  4. The food looked delicious. I adore the little birdhouse and love your pen and ink drawings.

    Lovely photos thanks for sharing with I Saw Sunday. 🙂

    PS. Great idea about the canvasses!


    • Thanks Susannah, it was a very pleasant visit with lots of teasing and laughter.


  5. earlybird

    Fresh cinnamon walnut bread sounds amazing, mmm!

    • It was really delicious and my brother-in-law kept waving it under my nose, tempting me. Loved your photos,


  6. Your pen and ink drawings are a delight – have you aver though of linking several of them into a larger, composite picture? I can imagine that would look truly sumptuous…

    • Jinksy, one of the reason I am enjoying them is because I am keeping them small and that means they are done quickly. I have, however, been thinking of perhaps doing several of them in a huge frame, like a quiilt or a mosaic. Glad you like them,


  7. Lovely drawings – opulent in fact.

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