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I Saw Sunday Week 53

For I Saw Sunday Week 53: Week In Review

Went to my sister’s for a hair cut, mid-week. We had lunch and then she lightened my burden by several inches. She was a beautician before she retired. We get together at least once a week, and have become those two old women who frequently discuss body functions and physical symptoms. And we laugh out loud whenever we catch ourselves doing so.

It was a beautiful fall day outside, so we went out on her patio for a bit. But, there was a problem. It is fall, which means the squirrels are in frantic efforts to store what they can before winter. There is a huge old oak tree that overhangs the southern part of her house. And it is full of acorns. The squirrels obviously love that tree and hustle through it constantly gathering acorns. They do seem to drop quite a few of them, which then roll down the roof, and plop onto the patio. We both got hit and discussed the possibility that the squirrels are quite deliberate in their aim. May even be egging one another on to see how many points they might accumulate for direct hits.

I did have my camera with me and took a few shots of the acorns, becoming a bit intrigued by the shapes and shadows in the wonderful Autumn sunlight.

And for some reason, this one reminded me of a pen and ink drawing, lol.

Hope you all had a good week and will come and join us.


  1. Oh, I have seen sooo many acorns around here as i have walked the dogs. I should take pictures as well. I remember my childhood years of hickory-nutting. Haven’t seen a hickory nut tree in a while. We used to feed THEM to the squirrels.

    Oh, and there is nothing like having a haircut, is there, to give one a fresh start!

    • Hair cuts are a lot like a good fresh feeling, and yes, a wonderful way to begin. Thanks Mary,


  2. earlybird

    I love the idea of the squirrels up the tree bombarding you and your sister with acorns!

    • Earlybird, I am half tempted to believe they really are up there chortling when they get us to move, lol.


  3. It is strange as we get older that discussing body functions and physical symptoms is not only acceptable, but genuinely completely fascinating! LOL … I loved the thought of the squirrels egging one another on LOL :o)

    • Deborah, we used to have a load of other things to talk about, but that one seems to predominate of late.


  4. Yep, I am sure that the squirrels were egging each other on…. What a wonderful thought! It is good you were able to get photographic evidence too. LOL

    A lovely post thanks for sharing it with I Saw Sunday. x

    (PS. My sister cuts my hair too.)

    • Hi Susannah, I really did get a bit involved with the shapes and forms. I found them intriguing and actually like this set of photos for that reason.

      I have colics all over my head and my sister knows them well. She practiced on them when she was twenty and going to beauty school.

      PS. I swear I could hear them giggling a bit.

  5. A delightful post from many aspects. I hope you have no bruises from forcefully thrown acorns.

    There is a saying here when two old (and I mean old) friends meet: “T’as mal ou?” reply: “partout” which translates as “where does it hurt?” “everywhere.”

    • Lol, Viv, I intend to share that with her. Since caring for our mom, I think we have become hyper aware of one another’s physical frailties, so we ask and expect an answer. I got hit after the acorn bounced off the top of my chair. I wouldn’t want one to hit me directly in the head. They are traveling at top speed when they fall.


  6. Loved this pleasant moment. Yes, the squirrels have to work hard, and maybe there is a bit of play involved!

    • Annell, not sure it is play. The patio is their regular path between backyards. I’m sure they are delighted to get us to move back into the house and let them have “their” space.


  7. Lovely shots! Nothing like a sister to help lighten one’s burdens.

  8. What an entertaining way to spend some time. 🙂 I particularly like the third shot down. Lovely.

    • Thanks Paul, it was such a beautiful day and since renewing my liking of pen and ink, I do get absorbed into shapes and lines.


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