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I Saw Sunday Week 54

For I Saw Sunday Week 54: Week In Review

My nephew called unexpectedly, said he had about an hour and was on my side of town. We met at a little city park about a mile from my apartment. Sat at a picnic table and yakked. But, this little guy seemed to want my attention,

Behind him, was a circle of long needled pine trees and my eye was drawn by the sunlight and shadows playing across their combined shape.

Had to walk over and take a closer look.

And then the trees began to whisper and tell me their story.

“Now look up,” my nephew said. And I think I know where the idea of stained glass windows came from.

Two days later, my sister called and asked if I’d like to go to the weekly Farmer’s Market. They block off two blocks downtown and erect stalls on both sides of the sidewalk and through the parking lots. It was a field day of color, shapes, and forms.

Influenced by that abundance and by some line patterns at  I did this within 24 hours.

Glad you could visit, and hope you join us for words and photos of what you saw this week.


  1. Oh, I love Farmers’ Markets at this time of year. Nature’s colorful abundance! Nice post and photos!

    • Thanks Mary, I really enjoyed getting out and about this week.


  2. Rinkly Rimes

    What wonderful colours at the Farmers Market! The colours should be in the stained-glass window in the woods!

    • What a wonderful image you create, wouldn’t that be outstanding?


  3. Your drawing has all the signs of an abundant harvest, and ties in with the photos excellently. ♥

    • Thanks Jinksy, I am really enjoying this black and white adventure,


  4. What a delightful post! I specially liked the interlaced loving trees!
    What was that purple fruit in the Farmer’s Market? It looked like a tomato, but that can’t be right…can it?

    • I’m not sure what it is Viv, I thought perhaps eggplant but then saw some in another stall, and then couldn’t find the exact spot again to ask the vender.


  5. All so lovely! The farmers market was delightful.

    • Annell, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the sights and images, but didn’t let that stop me from taking photos. So glad we went,


  6. earlybird

    Thanks for letting me join you! Those eggplants are a truly wonderful colour!

    • You are welcome Earlybird. Just not sure they are eggplants. Should have asked but there was so much to see!


  7. Those are attractive display of many colors. Sets the mood for fall. Those plants (4th photo from top) are used to treat boils in my part of the world. Is the purple fruit some kind of eggplant? And next to it, small tomatoes? I love this post!

    • Hazel, I don’t know what the plants are, thought they might be coleus of some sort. Not sure if the others are eggplants but I did ask the vender about those small tomatoes. She said they are a very bitter type of cherry and most people use them for decoration, although they can be steamed for tea.


  8. What a wonderful array of photos and colours! I love the contrast of the pine cones (one of my favourites of the photos) against the lusciousness of all of the produce.

    Thanks for sharing with I Saw Sunday. x

    • I liked the pine cones myself and am trying to figure out a simple design that will allow me to use them in my doodles. Have a great many ideas after this week’s adventure.


  9. You must have good soil and warmth – such vegetables would never be seen in my garden; they are glorious!


    • Thanks Harry, although a lot of this produce is local, some of it, I’m fairly certain is shipped in. Wisconsin has good growing soil, and when I was gardening, it wasn’t unusual to see this kind of produce.


  10. I can believe that the inspiration for stained glass windows came from nature – that shot is just beautiful.

    • When I took the shot, I had my fingers crossed that it would come out as I was seeing it. First thing I did when I got home was to check all the images and then upload them to my computer. I hugged myself when I saw this one. Thanks Jabblog,


  11. Your pictures of the veggies & flowers are just beautiful!

    • Thank you Kellie, so glad you enjoyed them. It was fun to get this opportunity so rich with shape, color, and form,


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