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I Saw Sunday Week 55

For I Saw Sunday Week 55: Week In Review

Went to see my sister and found

a street called Autumn Lane. Said last week that I was planning to go in search of the changing leaves. Spent two days doing so. One in bright sunshine and the other dodging rain drops which smeared the windshield.

We persevered. A promise is a promise. Some of these were taken in my sister’s backyard and on her street. Others were taken on a drive down the outer Loop road at the nearby University.

This is only a fraction of the photos I took. Then found out the forecasters are saying that our area will not hit the peak of the color season for another two weeks. Overload for sure, lol.


  1. Beautiful autumn colours, Elizabeth, but you know I love the sky photo best don’t you. 🙂

    • Lol, that’s why I couldn’t resist putting it in the post. I knew you would comment. I had a hard time choosing between cloud pictures and colors. But this is my first Autumn season with a camera, and I know how fragile and short that is. I did take a few more of the clouds though. It was an incredible display,


  2. Lovely collection of Autumnal shades as the world puts on her new gown for the season.:)

    • Just wish the season was longer than a blink of the eye, Jinksy. I tried to leave a comment at your site, but was foiled both times. Loved the photo, the snail, and the interesting story.


  3. Beautiful colours Elizabeth! Our trees don’t seem to be quite as vivid as yours yet, I think the very warm weather must have slowed them down a bit. 🙂

    Thanks very much for sharing these with I Saw Sunday. x

    • I lived 150 miles south of here for over half of my life. Those miles made an incredible difference in color and density. I love my camera. Did I ever tell you that? Lol, thanks for sharing your doorways,


  4. Wishing for the temperate zone . . .

    • These have to be some of the best colors I’ve ever seen. But, I think I say something of that sort every year. Thanks for stoppin by and I hope you get the bus next time,


  5. earlybird

    Lovely photographs, Elizabeth. Do you know what that incredible red hedge is?

    • Not completely certain Earlybird but think it was sumac, we have a lot of that around here, and I noticed that it was in all different stages of color change, when I took these.


  6. Lovely autumn colours – our most vibrant don’t usually come out for another month.

  7. It is my favorite time of year, even though I suffer the itchy, burning eyes and stuffed up–runny nose. The chronic sneezes. I wonder what it would be like without the symptoms? It is as if the beautiful color is my enemy.

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