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I Saw Sunday Week 56

For I Saw Sunday Week 56: Week In Review

Last week I showed you a first taste of color. This week is seven days later. Most of these photos were taken in my sister’s back yard.

This is the tree in her front yard:

The rest were taken on my ride home from her house:

That’s two city blocks of pure color.

And then I turned a corner:

Next week the ground will be littered with color, and that’s always way too soon for me,


  1. Ah, way too soon for me too. I would love to be up in Door County right now really. One year at this time of year D & I were up there. It was beautiful. I haven’t been to Door County in several years & miss it.

  2. earlybird

    What a glorious avenue! It’s incredible how quickly the leaves change isn’t it.

  3. Look at all those colors! Autumn is such a charming season. My faves are those taken on your ride home.

  4. The warmth of autumn colours takes over as the warmth of summer fades…poetic justice? 🙂

  5. Those are really glorious! What colour!

    Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing these Elizabeth. 🙂

  6. beautiful. i love autumn. my favs are the ones of the street with a canopy of tree limbs and leaves. I want to live on a street like that!

  7. Gorgeous pictures. Because we’ve had a really wet summer, the colour has been slow to turn. The warm week we had a couple of weeks ago has started the process, but we’re a long way behind you. Even the liquidambar, which is normally red from mid-September, has only just started to show signs of yellowing.

    So I was glad to see your lovely autumn.

  8. Beautiful, Elizabeth. Things sure change quickly at this time of year.

  9. Would like to thank everyone who stopped and commented. Time this week is short, hope to see you all next week,


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