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I Saw Sunday Week 57

For I Saw Sunday Week 57: Week In Review

For the past two weeks, I have offered photos of the turning colors of Autumn. Early this week, my sister called and asked if I’d like to take a drive up North. I said yes immediately. She’d be doing the driving and I could sit back comfortably and just snap pictures. Which is exactly what I did. We stopped several times. The first time at The Peshtigo River State Forest Camp Grounds.

Then it was back into the car and on to Dave’s Falls, where we had a picnic lunch, then very slowly and carefully followed the winding path through the woods to a foot bridge that crosses the river and gives a wonderful view of the falls. This is one of my very favorite places and the old woman with cane made it all the way. Wow!

Back in the car and a determined effort to get to a small town called Niagra (not the famous one). The highway had a major detour for construction and we bypassed the place we wanted to get to. With some directions obtained from a Travelers Info Center, we managed to get to Niagra and figured the fuss and hassle was well worth it.

One more stop at another campground where wildflowers of a different hue greeted us and we made dinner with the remains in the cooler.

Then back in the car to head home. Yes, I took pics through the windshield, lol and even caught a strange but wonderful sunset.

Altogether, a most incredibly satisfying day. It’s echoes have accompanied me through the week as I slowly sorted through the pictures I had taken. There were a lot of them. But, again, those echoes of deep satisfaction when I would come upon an image I thought only to ever see in a magazine.


  1. Such lovely photos and I am so happy to know Traveler is still traveling, cane or no. Awesome, Elizabeth. Sounds like a wonderful outing and thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. What a beautiful place to picnic. I love those huge trees and peaceful waters. That’s quite a lovely time you had with your sister.

  3. earlybird

    Lovely, lovely photos, Elizabeth. That second one of the tree by the water’s edge and the sunset are my favourites.

  4. They are gorgeous photos Elizabeth! What a wonderful day you must have had.

    Thanks very much for letting us share some of it through your lovely photos. I loved them all, but my particular favourites are the third one down with the little shining yellow tree, and of course that sunset! 🙂

    Thank you. x

  5. Elizabeth,your day was blessed. And you made the most of it with these marvellous photos. What a gorgeous place you live in.

  6. I was thinking about you and decided to visit! I am stunned, intuitively blown away. I posted my post and then looked at an older post and saw your comment and then I come here and my jaw drops. When you visit me you will see why! I swear I did not come here first…I am speechless! Great minds think alike, right?!

    Gorgeous view you have hear….just lovely! I am in awe…..

  7. Woods and water – what’s not to love? ♥

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