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I Saw Sunday Week 58

For I Saw Sunday Week 58: Week In Review

Have a confession to make. I fell in love with the photos I took of the Autumn colors. There were a large number of them. I spent some time this week, resizing and cropping them. Then my daughter helped me set up a slide show window saver that allows me to get lost in them all over again. And I have done that several times. It’s my favorite time of the year and I have never had such a variety of images to surround myself with. This week was full of wind and rain, blowing away all of that beauty.

I have continued to doodle. However, this week I added colored pens to my assortment. They are a lot of fun.


 But also did some in sepia ink, as well.

 Thanks for visiting and hope you take a look at all the others who participate in I Saw Sunday. Have a good week.





  1. Yes, we have indeed had a beautiful autumn, but that is all behind us now. The wind and the rain saw to that. Your doodles are beautiful, Elizabeth.

  2. Cool stuff – your doodles (as you call them) are beautiful, very artistic.

  3. earlybird

    The middle three look like lace, Elizabeth.

  4. We are enjoying beautiful cloudless weather this week – all the more opportunity to enjoy the Autumn.

    I love your doodles, Elizabeth – the snaky one is my favourite.

  5. I adore your doodles! So beautiful. The second one down almost appears to move as I am looking at it.

    I am glad you were able to capture your autumn beauty and use it in a slideshow so you can keep on enjoying it. 🙂 Isn’t technology wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing this with I Saw Sunday. x

  6. You have superb graphic control. Doodling brings up images from the unconscious, methinks.

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