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I Saw Sunday Week 59

For I Saw Sunday Week 59: Week In Review

This was a quiet week. Did go to lunch with my sister to a place at the Marina, on the river. They had some unusual full-sized decorations hanging from the ceiling.

Later in the week, a friend who is not as digitally challenged as I, took some of my photos from that drive up North and altered them into Mandalas and Kaleidoscope images.

A pile of rocks became

An ancient altar, while rushing water

became a sacred stone.

And a bright Autumn tree

danced as though in a dream.

The week was quiet but altogether satisfying. Hope you join us and let us know about your week.


  1. I love what your friend achieved with your photos – just amazing! And the original photos are quite splendid, too:-)

  2. I just love those Mandelas. Please tell me how they are done.

  3. Oops: Mandalas. I must have had Nelson on my mind.

  4. earlybird

    ooo! I agree with Viv – I suppose you need photoshop or something… lovely.

  5. I love all the things hanging from the ceiling, at the place on the river! (the mandalas are lovely too.)

    I am glad you joined us at I Saw Sunday, I missed you earlier today. x

  6. Beautiful images, no matter who did them!

  7. Mary

    Wow ! Those are totally awesome!! Especially the pile of stones turning into an altar!! How are you doing those? Manipulating the photos with software on computer? Is that mandela software?
    Very beautiful!!! Mary (from Racine!)

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