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I Saw Sunday Week 62


For I Saw Sunday Week 62: Week In Review

Several Individuals have asked how the mandalas, I am using on my poetry site, are made. Being challenged in the digital arena, it would be very difficult to explain. I found a tutorial online for altering photographs to Mandala form and told my digital wise friend about it. The tutorial may be found here:

I supplied her with the photographs, and she brought them back as Mandalas. This is a close-up image of a plant I saw at the Farmer’s Market.

This was what she created the first time.

Then she tweaked it a bit and altered it to a black and white image, to which I added a background.

That is the part of the process that I understand and she uses Photoshop to make these wonderful creations.  I continue to use one a day for my responses to the November PAD Challenge, writing a poem and then going in search of a Mandala that, I feel, enhances it in some manner. You can view those at

I saw the heart specialist this week for a year end check-up after receiving two stents last year. It was very early in the morning, but before I left, I took the time to check out that day’s prompt for the Poem A Day (PAD) Challenge. The nurse ushered me into an examination room, then asked me all those questions about prescriptions, symptoms, etc. After she left, I looked up at the wall and saw a poster. The image was of a little girl, standing on her Daddy’s toes, in order to dance with him. Across the poster in large letters was this message: P.A.D. can cause very serious problems. It may lead to a STROKE or a HEART ATTACK! P.A.D. is Peripheral Artery Disease. I was laughing out loud when the doctor walked in, and had to explain my lack of decorum. He joined in the laughter, but I sort of agreed with the poster. A poem a day can cause some serious problems.

I continue to create Zendalas. They fascinate me, and are an excellent form for relaxation and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. A very interesting post! I so love mandalas but don’t have/use Photoshop! So I may have to find another way to create them!

  2. I hope your visit went well at the hospital and that all is well.

    I love your mandala’s and used to create many myself with photoshop and a plug in called kaleidascope. I have them all on file and find them beautiful, yours are too.

    But I particularly like the Zendala at the end, it is another one that seems to have life, it moves! 🙂

    By the way I love the new header on this blog, it looks beautiful! x

    Thanks for sharing with I Saw Sunday.

  3. I also like the new header – those soft shapes and hues.
    May your PAD never be a difficulty. May the mandala protect you.

  4. earlybird

    That mandala looks like a snow flake. Fascinating to see a few steps of the process.

  5. looks like it could be a nice lace doily

  6. Thanks for the links in this – I shall have to go and explore! ♥

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