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I Saw Sunday Week 73

For I Saw Sunday Week 73: Week In Review

It looks like I came back just in time to say farewell. I took a break from all my blogging, but have missed this particular space. I have not been ill, but I have been busy playing with line weaving, repeat pattern drawing, colors, and learning new ways to manipulate my creations digitally. That is what I would like to share with you this week. I have learned how to make my own Mandalas digitally, then fill them with a ton of different patterns, creating backgrounds for them, and then learning how to invert the colors to make whole new images so that this

becomes instead, this. You may click on any image to enlarge them.

These are just a few that I have finished.

These last two are not my designs. They were created by Marc Bove and I colored them, but then tried some of my new tricks on them.

I will miss I Saw Sunday and will probably continue to use this space for my art work. Hope you enjoyed.

And Susannah, a big round of applause to you, my friend, for giving all of us this space to use and enjoy.


  1. Wonderful images Elizabeth! I hope you continue to post them here – so I can continue to visit and enjoy your images.

    I do hope that you will still find time to visit me at The Streaming Now as I intend to continue with my weekly posts as always.

    Thanks very much for being a big part of I Saw Sunday, it was a pleasure to come to know you better through us sharing there. x

    PS. Over the last little while I have being working on a project to match some of my digital images with some of my poems. It is still very much a work in progress but you can find it here –

  2. Elizabeth, these are awe-inspiring. They made my fingers itch for fabric and thread. Some of them are like lace and some I could use as quilting patterns -especially the last one: I did a whole series of panels once with Celtic knotwork trapunto quilting.

  3. I do also hope you will return to Poetry Writing, Elizabeth.

  4. Mary

    Awesome Elizabeth!!! Some look like sacred spider webs and snowflakes from another dimension.

  5. Thank you all for visiting and taking a look. I love creating beautiful things that satisfy my gluttony of the eye. And Susannah, I love what you are doing at your new site. Putting words to the images is sometimes easy, other times incredibly difficult.

    Viv, I would really love to see some of these become quilts. That would be awesome.

    Mary K., I will return eventually, I always do.

    Mary H. Glad you like and many of these do have a sense of the sacred about them, but I just thought that was my own personal sense of things. Thanks so much,


  6. I especially love the ones with the dark background. Yes, sometimes our work takes us in other directions….

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