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A while back, I said that I would use this space to display my art work. And of course, have been busy doing it and not showing it to anyone except a friend. I have been fascinated with Mandalas for some time: find them soothing and relaxing to color and create. Recently, that same friend helped me to learn how to use the kaleidoscope function in Photoshop, and of course, I went a bit wild. Got interested in line weaving (repeat pattern drawing), and used it to fill up the Mandalas I was making with the Kaleidoscope app. Then bought some colored pencils to add to the process. In the course of doing all of that, I uncovered a Hybrid: a cross between a Mandala, kaliedoscope image, coloring, and line weaving. My process: This is the template I created in Photoshop, using a combination of other images. Then I added some line weaving and color. Next, I took the image to Paint.Net (a program that can be downloaded free, at this location: ), where I created a background and several color choices.   And that is the story of my Hybrid. I call it a Kdala because it’s easier to say than Kaleidoscope/Mandala, or Mandalascope. My friend says that she has created a monster, lol. I say a monster that really loves making beautiful things.


  1. Truly beautiful work, Elizabeth. Glad you are sharing.

  2. Oh my! I do love this hybrid thing you have going here. Elizabeth you combined digi and hand work is totally exquisite!

    Thanks so much for sharing your talents and also for letting us in on the process you use to create such pretty works of art!

  3. Stunning! I love your colour choices.

  4. Gorgeous! Love it!

  5. This is amazing, so much depth and detail! I’m in awe…I can see why you are addicted! It is beautiful….

    I love what you have made, done! Thank you for visiting me and sharing!

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