Ladies In Waiting

Waiting on Words

Back To Black and White

This is a template I made from a small pen and ink drawing, using the kaleidoscope app.

Usually I color these, but this one was more complex and intricate and I simply liked the design.  Decided to play with it a bit and inverted the colors, ending up with this…

Curious, I tried a bit of digital magic.

Then, of course, had to go back and try the kaleidoscope app. once again.

At my advanced age, I could dignify all of this by calling it a learning process, experimentation, or even exploration. However, because it is just so much fun, I have to call it what it is: playing.

To see the images enlarged, simply click on them.


  1. Very intricate, Elizabeth. And heh, you are not ‘advanced age.’

  2. Reblogged this on salmanaheed1319228.

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