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Bonfire Designs

Went to my sister’s for the 4th. Took pictures of the bonfire and had to play with them, of course. Hope you enjoy.

DSCN4033a1 DSCN4033a2 DSCN4033a3 DSCN4033a4 DSCN4033a5 DSCN4033a6 DSCN4033a7ex DSCN4033a8 DSCN4038a1 DSCN4038a2 DSCN4038a3 DSCN4038a4 DSCN4038a6 DSCN4039a1 (2) DSCN4039a2 DSCN4039a4 (2) DSCN4042a2 DSCN4042a3 (2) DSCN4042a3 DSCN4042a4 DSCN4044a1 DSCN4044a2 DSCN4044a3 DSCN4044a4 DSCN4045a1 DSCN4045a2 DSCN4045a3 DSCN4045a4 DSCN4045a5

To enlarge any of the images, simply click on it.


  1. Love these designs!

  2. Those are incredible

  3. The reminded me of stained glass. And have a fairy quality about them.
    Just lovely.

  4. These are stunning. I waited until the photos loaded and then moved down briskly = kaleidoscope!

  5. Veronica Roth

    Those are wonderful Elizabeth. Did you use Corel? That’s the program I sometimes use for the kaleidoscopes. Well done and thank you for leaving me the link. 🙂


  1. Evening of the 4th | Soul's Music

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