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Super Moon Kaleidoscope

Have been away for a while, but still playing with the kaleidoscope app. Trying it out on photos. Took some pics of the moon last night. Played with them this morning. I like the results. The original photo is first and then the kaleidoscope images. And yes, some of the photos are somewhat blurred, and that blurring becomes a part of the design pattern. It seems to soften them some what. The clouds moved in and altered the images once again. The bright orange colors comes from the tree and buildings in the foreground of the image. You can enlarge any of the images by clicking on them.


DSCN4306 DSCN4306a DSCN4306b DSCN4306c DSCN4306d DSCN4306e

DSCN4319 DSCN4319a DSCN4319a2 DSCN4319a3 DSCN4319a4 DSCN4319a5


DSCN4320 DSCN4320a DSCN4320b DSCN4320c DSCN4320d DSCN4320e DSCN4320f

RSCN4327 RSCN4327a RSCN4327b RSCN4327c RSCN4327d RSCN4327e

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