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Waiting on Words 3


This site is open to those wanting a one word prompt for NaPoWriMo 2018 through the month of April. Each of us will submit a one word prompt. I will give the first word. Then you will explore its dictionary meaning, along with synonyms and antonyms, hopefully finding some form of inspiration in the process. You are always welcome to go your own way on any given day. Please leave your addie, with poem title, in the comments section below.

Word for Day 3


Annell will be giving a word for Day 4


  1. Marianne

    Still trying to figure out the technology here. Would love to share a word prompt one of these days. Not sure how to do that yet. Here’s my Day 3 poem:

  2. Marianne, if you’ve not been on a particular wordpress blog, you have to be approved by the blog addmin. I just did that, so now you will show up here. And thanks for joining us…


    • Marianne

      Happy to be a part of your group, Elizabeth. Thank you.

      • Marianne

        Oh, I’m unable to access Annell.

      • Marianne, I had a similar problem with Annell’s addie this morning. If you go to Soul’s Music (my site), Annell is the second site listed on my Blogroll…it worked and got me there…


  3. Hi girls,
    On to day 3.
    Yay, Marianne! Good to see you here!


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