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Waiting On Words 29


This site is open to those wanting a one word prompt for NaPoWriMo 2018 through the month of April. Each of us will submit a one word prompt. I will give the first word. Then you will explore its dictionary meaning, along with synonyms and antonyms, hopefully finding some form of inspiration in the process. You are always welcome to go your own way on any given day. Please leave your addie, with poem title, in the comments section below.

Word for Day 29


Marianne asked if it would be okay to use this for her word today. I thought it was a great idea. Though not a word, it is an idea, an experience, a mindset, a movement, and more. All I ask is that you consider what the idea and movement mean to you. Then let your poem be fed by those thoughts and feelings.  And per what has always been here, you are free to do whatever you want, and go wherever your muse takes you.


Elizabeth will be giving the word for Day 30


  1. This was written a while ago, right after the #MeToo movement erupted on the scene. But, again, I think it is good to let these statements breath in fresh air.



  1. Me Too | revivedwriter

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