Bonfire Designs

Went to my sister’s for the 4th. Took pictures of the bonfire and had to play with them, of course. Hope you enjoy.

DSCN4033a1 DSCN4033a2 DSCN4033a3 DSCN4033a4 DSCN4033a5 DSCN4033a6 DSCN4033a7ex DSCN4033a8 DSCN4038a1 DSCN4038a2 DSCN4038a3 DSCN4038a4 DSCN4038a6 DSCN4039a1 (2) DSCN4039a2 DSCN4039a4 (2) DSCN4042a2 DSCN4042a3 (2) DSCN4042a3 DSCN4042a4 DSCN4044a1 DSCN4044a2 DSCN4044a3 DSCN4044a4 DSCN4045a1 DSCN4045a2 DSCN4045a3 DSCN4045a4 DSCN4045a5

To enlarge any of the images, simply click on it.


Kaleidoscope Slide Show

Haven’t been here for a long time. Decided to explore some of the digital art I did a while back and began playing with it. The results are this slide show of a few of those images run through the kaleidoscope app. Hope you enjoy.

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Back To Black and White

This is a template I made from a small pen and ink drawing, using the kaleidoscope app.

Usually I color these, but this one was more complex and intricate and I simply liked the design.  Decided to play with it a bit and inverted the colors, ending up with this…

Curious, I tried a bit of digital magic.

Then, of course, had to go back and try the kaleidoscope app. once again.

At my advanced age, I could dignify all of this by calling it a learning process, experimentation, or even exploration. However, because it is just so much fun, I have to call it what it is: playing.

To see the images enlarged, simply click on them.

More Chaos and Structure

An image I created on Paint.net

Wanted to see how purple and orange do together. Then put through kaleidoscope app.

Thinking I like them a lot.

From Structure To Random Chaos And Back Again

My thirteen year old granddaughter came for a visit last week. She is into Art, so we did some playing here on the computer. I showed her how to do some things (http://1sojournal.wordpress.com/2012/06/19/bella-stones/), and while exploring them, she offered suggestions I had not thought of doing. She is now back safe and sound at home, but our time together had me reflecting on things I used to do. As a result, I found some new avenues of exploration. Thank you Bella.

While she was here, we went for a drive and got some photos at the shore of the Bay.

This is only one of the photos I took. When we got home, I downloaded it and put it through the Kaleidoscope application and ended up with this.

This week, because she had reminded me of some of the things I used to do, but had actually forgotten, I went back to the Kali image and did some smudging and used the liquefy tool.

And, of course, always ready to experiment, I took the present incarnation back to the Kali app and ended up with this:

And this:

It is wonderful to experience the give and take between generations, and all of those varied possibilities.

Recycled Art

Quite some time ago, I posted this digital image I had created.


Then a friend asked if she could play with it and came up with this:

And much more recently, I took this flooded image and put it through the kaliedoscope app and came up with these:

I do so love playing with colors.


A while back, I said that I would use this space to display my art work. And of course, have been busy doing it and not showing it to anyone except a friend. I have been fascinated with Mandalas for some time: find them soothing and relaxing to color and create. Recently, that same friend helped me to learn how to use the kaleidoscope function in Photoshop, and of course, I went a bit wild. Got interested in line weaving (repeat pattern drawing), and used it to fill up the Mandalas I was making with the Kaleidoscope app. Then bought some colored pencils to add to the process. In the course of doing all of that, I uncovered a Hybrid: a cross between a Mandala, kaliedoscope image, coloring, and line weaving. My process: This is the template I created in Photoshop, using a combination of other images. Then I added some line weaving and color. Next, I took the image to Paint.Net (a program that can be downloaded free, at this location:  http://www.getpaint.net/ ), where I created a background and several color choices.   And that is the story of my Hybrid. I call it a Kdala because it’s easier to say than Kaleidoscope/Mandala, or Mandalascope. My friend says that she has created a monster, lol. I say a monster that really loves making beautiful things.

I Saw Sunday Week 73

For I Saw Sunday Week 73: Week In Review

It looks like I came back just in time to say farewell. I took a break from all my blogging, but have missed this particular space. I have not been ill, but I have been busy playing with line weaving, repeat pattern drawing, colors, and learning new ways to manipulate my creations digitally. That is what I would like to share with you this week. I have learned how to make my own Mandalas digitally, then fill them with a ton of different patterns, creating backgrounds for them, and then learning how to invert the colors to make whole new images so that this

becomes instead, this. You may click on any image to enlarge them.

These are just a few that I have finished.

These last two are not my designs. They were created by Marc Bove and I colored them, but then tried some of my new tricks on them.

I will miss I Saw Sunday and will probably continue to use this space for my art work. Hope you enjoyed.

And Susannah, a big round of applause to you, my friend, for giving all of us this space to use and enjoy.

I Saw Sunday Week 62


For I Saw Sunday Week 62: Week In Review

Several Individuals have asked how the mandalas, I am using on my poetry site, are made. Being challenged in the digital arena, it would be very difficult to explain. I found a tutorial online for altering photographs to Mandala form and told my digital wise friend about it. The tutorial may be found here: http://www.earthmandalas.com/how/templates.html

I supplied her with the photographs, and she brought them back as Mandalas. This is a close-up image of a plant I saw at the Farmer’s Market.

This was what she created the first time.

Then she tweaked it a bit and altered it to a black and white image, to which I added a background.

That is the part of the process that I understand and she uses Photoshop to make these wonderful creations.  I continue to use one a day for my responses to the November PAD Challenge, writing a poem and then going in search of a Mandala that, I feel, enhances it in some manner. You can view those at http://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/

I saw the heart specialist this week for a year end check-up after receiving two stents last year. It was very early in the morning, but before I left, I took the time to check out that day’s prompt for the Poem A Day (PAD) Challenge. The nurse ushered me into an examination room, then asked me all those questions about prescriptions, symptoms, etc. After she left, I looked up at the wall and saw a poster. The image was of a little girl, standing on her Daddy’s toes, in order to dance with him. Across the poster in large letters was this message: P.A.D. can cause very serious problems. It may lead to a STROKE or a HEART ATTACK! P.A.D. is Peripheral Artery Disease. I was laughing out loud when the doctor walked in, and had to explain my lack of decorum. He joined in the laughter, but I sort of agreed with the poster. A poem a day can cause some serious problems.

I continue to create Zendalas. They fascinate me, and are an excellent form for relaxation and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful.

Thanks for visiting.

I Saw Sunday Week 61

I Saw Sunday Week 61: Week In Review

Early in the week, my daughter and I went shopping just before sunset. The wind was so strong that it had ripped Autumn’s dress from her being and tossed the remnants in piles like swatches of colored fabic strewn everywhere.

We were able to capture the moon sliding between threatening dark clouds.

Only two nights later, it was a different story.

We definitely found the dividing line between the leaving of one season, and the gathering of another.


And just to make sure that I fully understood, I caught my first winter cold the very next day.

The PAD Chanllenge continues and my responses may be found at my main poetry site: