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This site is open to those wanting a one word prompt for NaPoWriMo 2018 through the month of April. Each of us will submit a one word prompt. I will give the first word. Then you will explore its dictionary meaning, along with synonyms and antonyms, hopefully finding some form of inspiration in the process. You are always welcome to go your own way on any given day. Please leave your addie, with poem title, in the comments section below.

Word for Day 28



Maianne will be giving the word for Day 29


  1. I wrote something….not sure it is poetry.

  2. Because I am not sure, I will post my write here.

    Modern Art – Post-Modern Art

    Modern art timeline
    1860 to 1970
    Believed truths
    Formulated by science or religion
    Could explain reality

    Modern artists
    No longer wanted to copy nature
    Were seeking new ways
    To express themselves
    And the world they lived in
    There were many changes
    In their world

    Post-Modern Art followed
    There is no one style
    A reaction against modernism
    Borrowed styles without
    Adopting principles
    Often with the prefix ‘neo’

    I have often thought of myself
    As a “Thoroughly Modern Milly”
    But it seems the world is changing
    So fast
    It is hard to keep up
    Nothing is as it was
    I open my eyes
    In a new world

    April 28, 2018

    I took a bit of heat about the poem I wrote yesterday, based on the word, Serendipity. Many did not understand it. It is not my intention to write “garble.” I am afraid I have done it again today. Maybe it isn’t a poem at all, or maybe it is a “Post-Modern” poem?

    • Rule #1. A poem is whatever the poet chooses it to be. Yes, there are some rules, but for the most part, just as Art has changed so rapidly, so too has poetry. With the digital world, that is to be expected. I happen to like your write. It is a very succinct explanation of all those changes and brings forward that question of whether Art follows life, or life follows Art? I especially like your closing stanza, it tells me that you have grown right along with the world and one can only hope that others will realize that the world is new each day and should be greeted as such. Maybe then we will help grow our world.


      • Thank you for your words of encouragement. I’m glad you understand.

    • Annell, I like this piece of writing.
      Love, Pamela

  3. Marianne

    I went off prompt today, since I wrote to the prompt MODERN before. 😉

  4. Marianne

    Annell: Regarding your piece, I feel the same way. I’m shocked and outraged almost daily regarding the things that go on in the world. I suppose every generation goes through something similar.

  5. Laura Bloomsbury

    took a belated and dim view of the word but loved the prompt – thank you

    • Thanks for dropping in and letting us know. At this point, I believe most of us are lagging in both time and energy. I did like your poem,



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