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Tuesday Collab #8


Blue Stare by Elizabeth Crawford


Candle smokes
as child seeks comfort.
A dark night
closes in,
crushing dreams
with claustrophobic closeness
of midnight’s pitch black presence.

Jinksy  6/27/11

Notes: My image, one that was just a blur of color and then this face started to emerge. I went with it and Jinksy responded. The Tuesday Collab is an invitation to all to join in. You can respond to the image here, in the comments section, or on you own blog. Please leave a URL so we can come and see what you have created. 

Thanks to Jinksy for her response and she will do the reverse with a Two In Tandem, on Thursday, using one of her images and my response. Jinksy’s site may be found here:  Take a look, she has a Mr Linky to help matters.




  1. As always Elizabeth, here is my first response on seeing the image –

    Now I am going to read Jinksy’s. 🙂

    • Thank you susannah for playing along. Love what you did.


  2. Elizabeth, this image has a real haunting quality. Isn’t it wonderful when things ‘just appear’ when we are playing with images? It always seems to give them more significance for me.

    Jinksy your words are wonderful and I can see exactly what you must have seen in the image. (which is why I can’t read anyone elses first, I would be too influenced!) I love . . . ‘midnight’s pitch black presence.’

    It is great fun playing along. I look forward to these. 🙂

    • Thanks again Susannah, I thought the same thing when it appeared beneath my hand. It does seem to have a strange quality about it, but I like it none the less for that.


  3. Elizabeth, many possibilities come from this image. Jinksy, your words go with it perfectly.


    • Thank you Pamela, it turns out that you are absolutely correct. I like that idea and this process.


  4. Actually, my words were written in response to Elizabeth’s ‘first draft’ picture, which was much darker, but this one still feels like midnight to me…:)

    • Jinksy, I like that you stuck with that first impression. I really didn’t alter the image to any great extent, just smudged it a bit in one spot. But, your words suit the image well, and express another emotion from the ever changing patterns we all hold within us. Thanks for sticking to your guns.


      • Not so much sticking to guns, as sticking to gut reaction that this felt like dead of night.:)
        As a child in the war, the nights were very dark because of the enforced blackout…and if the nights were clear, not cloudy, then came the planes dropping bombs!

  5. I saw an owl … thanks ladies 🙂


    An Owl Visits Often

    • Love it Pamela, for all the reasons I have already stated on your site. And thanks again for taking the time to respond. You know how much I love your poetry.


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